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POPOLOGY® Networks End To End Explainer Video For Web App
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All About POPmercial®

POPmercial® is user selected brand commercials as sponsored media on the POPOLOGY® Networks platform, with transparent audience metrics to promote a (streaming media) POPcast® for mass audience visibility.

The POPmercial® Trademark is auspice of the POPOLOGY® Class 41 Trademark in Education Services, namely providing live and online classes in the field of media literacy, empowering consumer intelligence.

The POPmercial® Gallery is a brand library of pre-purchased media buys on display for placement in a user curated POPcast®.

POPOLOGY® Networks innovated this ingenious form of DISPLAY ADVERTISING that renders maximum retention and customer relevance in a debate proof way! Why? Because the relevant audience picks them to watch and then place your brand into their creative stream of cross platform, curated media on the blockchain. This POPcast® even functions like an NFT, (Non Fungible Token). 

Our POPmercial® customized digital spots and even POPsphere™ banner ads provide visual content relative to the online user. Coupled with a re-marketing tag.

The POPOLOGY® Networks platform will serve your brand media promos to users who seek products or services like yours on the web, and not skip through watching your advertising because we incentivize each audience member of our & your content.