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The POPmercial®

We Make Commercials Fun Again!

POPmercial® is a brand-direct video promotion, specifically created for cross-platform media streaming on POPOLOGY® Networks.

Companies can select the desired audience metric to sponsor a curated and streaming POPcast®. Through the POPmercial® Gallery, users can select spots as a POPmercial® to create brand loyalty and Cult Branding integrations.

Sponsoring innovative cross-platform media streams is made possible by POPOLOGY® Networks. Companies can pick the POPmercial® package that best fits their brand or company budget.

POPmercial® is the perfect way to engage with existing and new customers while  making a positive statement about your brand. With the ability to customize packages to meet the needs of your budget, more companies can take advantage of this innovative way to reach potential customers and create brand loyalty.

Through POPOLOGY® Networks, your commercial will be seen on multiple platforms and all views can be tracked through the blockchain, giving you complete control and visibility of your campaign.

Try POPmercial® today and make commercials fun again!

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Pinpoint Your Popular!


POPOLOGY® Networks with its POPmercial® integrates crypto currency seamlessly with large audience and platforms.

POPmercial® can be used as a content creation service, and or license extension to a wider campaign reach, due to industry contacts and branding know how.

Advertising Relevance? Many brands place commercials on social platforms, only to find out they are not relevant or liked by the audience at large, or even get the spot visible to the correct eyes. Our clients view us as culture leading artists, which allows us a measure of fun, and the freedom to follow the energy of the idea in the POPmercial®. 

We can make something fairly quickly, even something quirky or sophisticated. Something that will be a blast to watch. And something that will supplement the clients’ paid media messages with a film that comes more from the consumers’ point of view than the clients’. Which is precisely what makes a video go viral. Viewers will place your POPmercial® that reflects their personal point of view. But they will not pass along something that turns them into shills for the company.

The POPOLOGY® Networks POPmercial® is a clearinghouse for great NEW branded content creation, meets true performance analytics.


THE POPOLOGY® Networks POPMERCIAL® offers two primary feature sets of its product line. The first aspect being the placement of several brand direct spots that create a full media campaign in our POPmercial® Gallery. Our platform users (known as a POPOLOGIST®) will select the desired media campaigns that are relevant to their interests and sequestered keywords / topics. These POPmercials® will load into a grouped gallery search driver, and carry the media buy metrics the brand desires to reach. Our platform POPOLOGIST® will select and embed the POPmercial(s)® into the POPcast® streaming media they have already curated on our platform.


Each POPmercial® also carries theme (sports, romance, culinary, health, financial, funny, uplifting, etc.) keywords and the metrics of crypto reward (payable in POPtoken®) to each viewing audience member.

The POPOLOGY® Networks POPmercial® can be created as well. Our POPmercial® Gallery allows a POPOLOGIST® to upload a brand loyal video / testimonial or their own brand / product placement premise themes. The POPmercial® must have the required meta tags and crypto funding (payable to the viewing audience) to be accepted into the official POPmercial® Gallery for placement on the POPOLOGY® Networks. Each POPmercial® successfully loaded into the POPmercial® Gallery is essentially ledgered on our blockchain via a smart contract, now awaiting selection to be loaded into a POPcast® by the platform users. Performance reports will be viewable daily, and smart contracts can be extended by the funder of the POPmercial®.

Payouts of POPtoken™ happen when a user reaches the goal of the blockchains smart contract and the audience size generated is met.


You can develop a custom keyword list, you can then create customized ads that describe your products and services. Enabling your social base and customer community will easily find your business.

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